Not sure if you remember, but the Florence Campus used to have quite the hustle & bustle on Wednesday mornings.  That’s the day each week that SO many ladies would meet to enjoy time in the Word together at the Florence campus.  This happened for years.  It was sweet, it was helpful, it was edifying and then…

…it was gone. (gasp!)

Some people actually thought it was eliminated by the Elders or staff, but not so.  Women’s Ministry requires a lot of help & organization and, quite frankly, there wasn’t anyone available to get it going.  Many people expressed their dissatisfaction in the fact it no longer existed, but no one volunteered to take it on themselves and help get it up & running again…

…that is, until Arlene Greenwood stood up from wherever she was at the time and said at the top of her lungs “That’s it!  I’ll do it!  Send me!  Sign me up!  I’m all in!” (and then proceeded to do a happy dance with her hubby, Bob).

We can’t prove it actually happened exactly like that.  The bottom line is, we’re very thankful to God for His provision in having moved on Arlene’s heart to serve our church in this way.  Please pray for her as she serves in this new role for her as there is much to do!  Also, if you plan on being a part of the Ladies’ Bible Study when it starts up again, add some feet to those prayers and let her know how you’ll be willing to help.  She [and we] would be most grateful for your service to the Lord and His people.

As always, drop us a note at EldersEars[at]graceky[dot]org if you have a thought, concern, or maybe even a riddle (’cause everyone likes a good riddle every now & again).

You are loved.


In Christ,

Brad Bigney
Brian Fannin
Bud Fennell
Bob Greenwood
Peter LaRuffa
Rob Lohrmann
Ken Long
Mark McFadden
Roger Patterson