One of the biggest decisions the Elders wrestled with this year was whether or not to make changes to our Youth Ministry.  For three months, it was on our agenda and in various stages of discussion.  We prayed, we spoke, we thought, we prayed, and spoke, and prayed some more.  It was no small task.  However, God was faithful in bringing us to the unanimous decision that it was time for some major programming changes in Youth Ministry, one of which was moving the main meeting of the week to Sunday evenings.

No day is perfect for everyone.  Switching from one day to another usually solves one problem and creates another.  That’s life on this side of heaven.  What we were hoping and praying for was a change that would reach more of our families, particularly those who desired to be more active in our Youth Ministry, but were unable to do so on a midweek evening  due to heavy amounts of homework, school sports or other extracurricular activities, or the need to be in bed early for a sunrise school bus the next day.

We’ve only been at it for a month now.  While we’re not quite ready to write a book about it, we are ready to write this blog post thanking God for blessing it thus far.  Attendance data from Sunday nights has far exceeded average attendance last year as we’re seeing ~130 students each week.  But it’s not just the numbers, but the names.  There are families represented on those attendance rosters that, although they may have been in our church family for years, have rarely or never been to a midweek youth meeting, but have now been able to attend consistently.  Not only that, but some have been bringing friends.  In fact, one student brought SIX of her friends with her this week!  Both Ryan & Aaron are excited to see what God has been doing these past few weeks, and pray He’ll continue to bless the ministry throughout the rest of the school year.

Hey.  Ever have to make a tough call that you knew was in the best interest of others, particularly your family, even though it wouldn’t immediately be met with cheers from all involved?  We’ve all been there.  This change was one of those for us as Elders.  We were confident it was what God would have us do, but we knew it was one of the biggest changes we’ve made to date.  It’s only been four weeks, but we’re thankful the Lord has blessed it thus far.  Join us in thanking Him for this evidence of grace, and continue to pray the Lord blesses this change for His glory and the good of His people, especially our middle and high school students, and the leaders who tirelessly serve them week after week.

How do you think it’s going?  We’d love to know.  Send a note to EldersEars[at]graceky[dot]org ’cause we’d love to hear from you.

You are loved.
In Christ,

Brad Bigney
Brian Fannin
Bud Fennell
Bob Greenwood
Rob Lohrmann
Peter LaRuffa
Ken Long
Mark McFadden
Roger Patterson