J.C. Ryle said a lot of good things during his time on earth.  One of them is “The best of men are men at best.”

We’ve got an Elders’ Meeting coming up on Monday night and could sure use your prayers for us as we meet.  Here are a few of the things on our agenda that you can be praying for:

  • Pray for Small Groups!  The first portion of our time together each month is spent in prayer.  One of the things we’ll be praying for are the many Small Groups that are kicking off their ministry year this week and next.  Pray with us for that, and pray for new people to join Small Groups at our Florence and Newport campuses.
  • 2014 Budget – Our Deacons have a tremendous job of putting together the annual budget for our church each year.  They do this with input from the Elders and Ministry Leaders as requests are made for what we believe God would have us do next year.  Pray for us as we finalize ministry objectives to shoot for in 2014, and then hand over those requests to the Deacons who will put it together and present it for our initial approval, after which it’s presented for church-wide approval at our Annual Business Meeting in December.
  • Leadership Development & Ordination – We’re discussing what role the Elders have when it comes to what ordination in a denominational church like ours.  Pray for us as we discuss what we believe the Lord would have us do.

EldersEars[at]graceky[dot]orgThanks for talking to God for us and asking Him to help us as we meet together.  Don’t forget, you can always drop us a note at if you have any questions.

In Christ,

Brad Bigney
Brian Fannin
Bud Fennell
Bob Greenwood
Peter LaRuffa
Rob Lohrmann
Ken Long
Mark McFadden
Roger Patterson