Church Business Meetings are held as necessary to conduct…well…church business (voting on the annual budget, adding new members to the church, electing Elders & Deacons, stuff like that).  For years, when we were one church in one location, we held these on a Sunday morning after the final worship service of the day.  They typically started around 1 PM or a little before, and usually lasted 30-45 minutes depending on the agenda for the day.  It’s not an ideal time, but it doesn’t happen often so we all make it work.

Here’s the thing.  We’re no longer one church in one location.  Currently, Grace Fellowship Church is one church in two locations (Florence & Newport), and we have a desire to be one church in as many locations as the Lord would grant us.

The current arrangement for Church Business Meetings doesn’t work well for multiple campuses.  It’s somewhere between unrealistic and impossible for people outside of the Florence campus to finish worshiping, finish serving, and make it to a Business Meeting in time.  Regardless of whether God has us in 2 locations, or 200 locations, we have to think, program, and plan with a multi-site mindset.  This is especially important when we’re doing things that affect the entire church (like Business Meetings), and not just one campus.

So here’s what we’re thinking.

Historically, and only every once in a while, we’ve held something mid-week as a special event.  We did this a few months ago for “GoLocal” and it was a huge success, and we’ve done it for Missionary Culture Nights, too.  We typically suggest Small Groups take the week off and go to that event instead, and some Small Groups do that while others go to both the special event AND their Small Group (it’s their call).

So for our Annual Business Meeting which is coming up in December, we were thinking of holding it mid-week instead of after church on a Sunday morning.  We’d suggest that Small Groups take the week off and come to the meeting instead, but Small Group leaders will ultimately be the ones to make that call for their group.  We realize this plan presents its own set of challenges, but we’ve seen it work before for other special events, so we think it’ll work for a Business Meeting as well.  Most importantly, the meeting will be scheduled at a time that’s a bit more of a level playing field for people from all campuses to attend, whereas Sunday mornings really only serves one campus well; namely, the one that’s holding the meeting.

So help us out.  Take one of the shortest surveys ever created – it has one (1) question.  Consider our next Annual Business Meeting coming up in early December.  Click HERE and let us know which day(s) of the week would work best for you, and we’ll be able to take your input into consideration as we plan.  If you want to give more feedback than our 1-question survey will allow, email us at EldersEars[at]graceky[dot]org.

Thanks for your help!


Brad Bigney
Brian Fannin
Bud Fennell
Bob Greenwood
Peter LaRuffa
Rob Lohrmann
Ken Long
Mark McFadden
Roger Patterson